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Menu Season


  • decorationWhite Asparagus Mimosa, Crabcake, Green Asparagus Sorbet,Salad vinaigrette with pea shoots
  • decoration Duck foie gras marinated mid cooked in red wine and cassis, cocoa nibs tile, toasted gingerbread
  • decoration Skate Way Grenoble, beet sorbet
  • decoration St Jacques in carpaccio on carrot/mango mousseline, yogurt vinaigrette with pea shoots, vegetable pickles

decorationFish Course

  • decoration Confit Market Fish with Citrus Oil, Butternut, Salsify Spaghetti, Mandarin Lobster Smoke and Salpicon
  • decoration The low temperature cooked monkfish, roast, round the peas and mint, raspberry condiment, emulsion Bordier butter anise licorice alga

decorationMeat Course

  • decoration Slow-roasted duck fillet, French Toast with offal, beetroot condiment, duck jus with yuzu cream and Timiz pepper
  • decoration La Beuchelle à la Tourangelle Rognon, sweetbread with yellow wine


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