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Menu Season


  • decorationWhite Asparagus Mimosa, Crabcake, Green Pressed marinated duck foie gras, strawberry chutney, candied rhubarb
  • decoration Declination of old-fashioned tomatoes such as pie, Limeray sheep curd mousse, arugula vinaigrette
  • decoration Salmon confit with spices, carrot ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, onion pickles, candied lemon crumble

decorationFish Course

  • decoration Market fish in citrus crust, tomatoes confit, stuffed zucchini flowers ratatouille and olives, honey-lemon emulsion
  • decoration Pike perch and dried beef, leek confit, lobster salpicon cream with ginger
  • decoration The low temperature cooked monkfish, roast, round the peas and mint, raspberry condiment, emulsion butter anise-licorice

decorationMeat Course

  • decoration Farmhouse pork belly "le Roi Rose de Touraine" long cooking, sautéed apricots with thyme, apricot gastric juice
  • decoration Quasi of veal in sweetbreads crust around smoked carrot, saffron juice


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